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40 Pack DrinkGuard Singles Featured Products

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The Active DrinkGuard® is a circular flat lid made of a light but robust silicone. It sits on top of glasses, mugs and soda/beer cans to protect drinks from fruit flies, bugs and other air borne nuisances. It also sticks to your glass, so it won’t blow off easily. It not only ensures pesky bugs stay out, it also insulates your drink keeping it a consistent temperature for longer.

- Active DrinkGuard Single Packs are packaged in clear plastic sleeves with a circular label card
- 40 Packs include Display Box and Tab (you can purchase additional Display Boxes below)
- The minimum volume purchase is a Pack of 40
- The DrinkGuard Single UPC is 627843309710
- Volume purchases are for retail sale as well as membership or customer gifts

MSRP per Single: $4.95 ea

PLEASE NOTE: Additional volume pricing discounts will be applied on your Invoice. Access to our high volume pricing is available through